Herman Grech

Herman Grech

Online Editor and co-presenter of Times Talk

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Here's the bad news

We need to take a good look at the cost to society without a functioning press

When fiction causes friction

No barbed wire or wall will stop people from fleeing

Why don’t you drag out the bullies instead?

All of us should be marching to the beat of the activists' drums

‘Jaqaw liswed li qeda mijew...

It is not enough to remain silent or leave the room when witnessing racism

The online hate mob

Regardless of who is to blame, nobody has the right to play judge and jury

Call it national egoism

Time for a reality check before fascism takes over

The 'influss' hypocrisy

The sheer double standards on migration are becoming nauseating

Prime Minister, we need to chat

Joseph Muscat has a duty to answer the media's questions

To the cowards who cleared Daphne’s memorial...

You can't sweep away democracy at the dead of night

Pot calling the kettle black

When governments turn nepotism into an art form

Poor man, he works long hours

The ministry is almost condoning domestic violence

10 things we have to tackle in 2018

Politics is a game we need to engage with before it swallows us up

Leave our rubbish alone!

Our claim to be patriotic is pure rubbish, says Herman Grech

We refuse to be part of the freak show

A moment of madness should not be turned into a media spectacle

“Kulħadd irid jiekol”

How law enforcement fizzled out in a cloud of dust

10 (depressing) things learnt from election 2017

'We remain enslaved by partisan politics and the pervasive culture of fear'

Why we’ve ditched comments to some online stories

Last week, we uploaded a story about a horrific traffic accident in Sliema, which...

Where's everybody?

Nothing could have stopped the iconic Azure Window

Fake off

If you believe media should be free to scrutinise the use and abuse of power, do not let anyone undermine it

Jungle all the way

When the news emerged on January 10 that rock legend David Bowie had died, I was among the army of fans who went...

It’s the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine)

The classic REM song was uploaded by an incredulous friend on Facebook on Wednesday morning as the world was...

Pool’s out for burkini

The story in last Saturday’s Times of Malta of a Maltese Muslim woman who was ordered out of the Marsa...

Have I got news for you?

When I watched John Oliver's 19-minute rant on the doom and gloom facing the...

No right to remain silent

Discussing petty politics over a beer last week, a friend of mine confessed: “I no longer dare criticise...

Naqilgħu tkaxkira, they say

The warning was clear: “After the next election, it would be the turn of others, like The Times and...