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Victor Calleja

Victor Calleja has been in the world of communications for over 30 years. He now writes for a living. Follow him also on

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Signs from the after-life

Guilt will never stop tormenting those with blood on their hands

Damned by numbers

A few key numbers tell several terrible truths

The light that will never be extinguished

Deface the memorial till kingdom come, but Daphne and her words will live on forever

No to Brexit, yes to Dexit

Decisions, even if taken democratically, should be studied objectively

John Suda wins another big award

A few days ago, journalist blogger Manuel Delia listed his most read blog posts. Some were quite...

Because football matters

Let us now indulge endlessly in our national pastime: total amnesia of anything and everything except inanity

Lest we forget and we be damned

'A woman was brutally murdered and nothing has changed'

Isn’t incest illegal?

We get too close to people we might one day want to take a stand against

Down the rabbit hole we go

Down some rabbit hole where all is upside down there is, I like to think, a parallel world where all is rosy,...

The more you desecrate, the weaker you are

The majority of Maltese people don't care about personal freedoms

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The Musumeci syndrome

Among Malta’s many problems insularity ranks high. Even if it can be a boon sometimes, on the whole our...

The rot is everywhere

The social media is full of bile and hatred

Dedicated with bitterness to those who don’t shuffle their feet in protest

The more time passes, the less we care about the terrible implications

We are not the centre of corruption

Ever since the dawn of mankind in Malta, we have been special. Our megalithic temples prove this. We are the...

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Unhappy New Year

We will not look back at 2017 and think of our achievements

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I love my gilded cage

There are a few facts of life we just can’t get away from. Labour won the last election in amazing style....

Let the party split now

The political scenario in Malta is one incredible mess. Since the 1970s it has been completely dominated by the...

Let the sunshine in

Hope needs to shine forth, at least in our hearts, to prevent the crooks being the ultimate victors

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And yet the attacks continue

It’s been a month since an act of horror happened. The whole world looks on and feels the horror that has...

Why the President, Prime Minister and Opposition leader should have gone

The three should pass the baton to others

Damned by your presence. Damned by your absence.

The outpouring of grief all over the globe which followed the horrific assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia is...

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Where is Daphne now?

We are now all silenced

Let the traffic jam

We live in the most enlightened of times, our most prosperous since we were discovered by the first colonisers of...

Why Adrian Delia should go

'Malta’s future seems shadier than ever'

Air Malta to be no more?

Everybody appreciates that Air Malta is still experiencing very tough times. But economic woes can hardly justify...