RMI announces blockchain expert to assist with issuance of SOV

RMI announces blockchain expert to assist with issuance of SOV

The Republic of the Marshall Islands has announced that blockchain expert Steve Tendon is advising and assisting the country with the drafting, design, and issuance of SOV, the digital legal tender of the Marshall Islands, and the economy spawning around it.

“With Steve working alongside Neema, we are growing closer every day to support the Marshall Islands with issuing the first digital legal tender and launching a financial services economy around it,” chief economist for SOV, Peter Dittus said.

Dittus is the former general secretary of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS).

The Marshall Islands is working to issue its own digital currency in order to address the environmental and financial challenges they face as a small and vulnerable island economy in the Pacific.

By opening their islands to the entire blockchain economy, the Marshall Islands plans to become a crypto-financial powerhouse, connecting blockchain with mainstream banking services.

“Steve is one of the foremost experts in blockchain technology and regulations,” Dittus said. “He will assist with the drafting and designing of regulations to develop a blockchain financial services economy out of the Marshall Islands.”

The SOV is the world’s first decentralised digital currency to be legal tender of a sovereign nation. Once issued the SOV will join the US dollar as the official money, or legal tender of the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI).

Based on blockchain technology, the SOV is a decentralised digital currency that allows fast and cheap global transactions while preventing abuse by bad actors.

Tendon is the managing director of TameFlow Consulting/ChainStrategies, a consulting firm that provides research, analysis, and strategy development for businesses that need to adopt or transition to blockchain technologies.

A senior executive management consultant, adviser, speaker, and author, his research and consulting work focuses on the use of emerging technologies – and in particular blockchain technologies – to improve business performance.

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