What happened on... January 14

What happened on... January 14

10, 25 and 50 years ago

10 years ago - The Times

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Man crushed to death by heavy glass

A 37-year-old cargo handler died crushed under a sheet of glass weighing almost two tonnes which fell on top of him as he was helping to move it yesterday morning.

Carmelo Balzan, of Marsascala, was standing on a road in Żebbuġ as the heavy glass, encased in a wooden frame, was being manoeuvred out of a container by a fork lifter, sources said.

The load was about to be shifted on to a smaller fork lifter that would have then transferred it into a warehouse in Mayor Vella Street. At some point the glass sheet toppled over on to Mr Balzan.

The victim, who was married with a teenage daughter, worked at White Brothers Ltd, the company handling the cargo.

‘Cannabis’ haul was only soap

The supposedly 30 kilogrammes of cannabis seized by the police in a dramatic operation last month turned out to be soap.

Testifying yesterday, pharmacist Godwin Sammut said that the big amount of green-coloured bars found in three cardboard boxes did not consist of an illegal substance.

25 years ago - The Times

Friday, January 14, 1994

Public service reform – 11 directors of corporate services appointed

Public service reform took a major step forward yesterday with the appointment of 11 directors of corporate services for every ministry.

Also appointed were directors of finance and administration for the health, education and works departments.

Prime Minister Eddie Fenech Adami handed out the letters of appointment at the end of a half-day seminar organised by the Staff Development Organisation and described them “as crucial to the success of the reform”.

He told the directors: “We want you not only to be administrators of what you have found and of the systems which exist to date.

“We want you to carry out an in-depth analysis of what needs to be changed in order to bring about greater efficiency.”

He also said the appointment of directors of corporate services was one of the most important reforms taking place in the administrative service.

“You have to coordinate the departments which fall under the ministry. You have to coordinate as much as possible according to the ministry’s policy,” he said.

Half a century ago - Times of Malta

Tuesday, January 14, 1969

UK Malta financial talks

The new round of financial talks between Malta and Britain will begin here on Thursday, a Maltese delegation spokesman said tonight.

The Prime Minister, George Borg Olivier will meet Britain’s Minister for Overseas Development, Reginald Prentice, at noon.

The spokesman said the talks were opening at the first opportunity after the Commonwealth Conference ends on Wednesday.

He said that Malta was hopeful for the outcome of the talks, to discuss details of the second half of the 10-year Finance Agreement signed between the two countries in 1934.

Under the agreement, Britain was to provide £51 million by 1974. 

Maltese actor on BBC TV

One of the popular Maltese actors, Narcy Calamatta, of Valletta, well known for his comic roles with Maleth, is hoping to get a big break in films in England.

Mr Calamatta, who played a minor part in Hieronymus Merkin and who was a constant stand-in during its filming on the island last year, has already played a minor part in a BBC episode in the Boy Meets Girl series which is currently screened weekly. Mr Calamatta’s ambition is to get bigger parts on TV as well as on the big screen. He is living in Knightsbridge.

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