Forget everything you thought you knew about fairy tales

Forget everything you thought you knew about fairy tales

All of today’s girls have their inner, modern princess. That’s why Les Belles de Nina’s new rallying call is a hashtag which is worth a thousand words.

After Nina and Luna, the saga of Les Belles de Nina is being shaken up by a new arrival, an influential princess par excellence. Her name is Bella.

Out with old school fairy tales and soppy heroines. It is by rattling the codes that modern princesses like Bella re-enchant the world. With them, there are no diktats, no protocol, no conventions.

Les Belles de Nina are now a gang of ultra-connected princesses, perfectly illustrated by the models who embody them: Nina is Estella Boersma, Luna is Soni Ben Ammar and Bella is Barbara Palvin, three it-girls fully part of today’s world, with the three of them having million of followers.

The more princesses there are, the more laughter thrives.

Both impish and seductive, Bella lives up to her daring and perfectly masters the art of provocation. It is impossible to resist such an unpredictable beauty, whose fragrance reflects her: feminine and indulgent, with irreverence.

Caught up in her wake, Nina and Luna will be altered forever. But they will never forget their own singularities. What about Nina? A joyful romanticism, composed by the perfumer Olivier Cresp, symbolised by a fragrance poetically mingling with Calabrian lemon, Caipirinha lime, smooth gardenia, toffee apple, cedar wood and white musk.

And Luna? An enigmatic sensuality expressed by an immortal caramelised scent, spiced up by a touch of rose berries, signed by Marie Salamagne and Christophe Raynaud. Bella, Nina and Luna will now form a trio of ultra-modern princesses, buoyed up by the idea that they are stronger together.

A vibrant acidic floral, composed by the perfumer Sonia Constant, is a sexy indulgence, with an affirmed personality. Addiction is guaranteed thanks to its rhubarb, whose subtle fruity, slightly bitter-sweet flavor immediately makes the mouth water. This note is made even more irresistible by a fresh and bold zest of green mandarin, as well as a caress of vanilla, that adds all its smoothness to the accord while exalting its appetising side.

All the richness of roses is deployed in an alliance of Turkish rose oil and rose absolute. While one diffuses the fresh fragrance of newly gathered petals, the other exhales more warmly opulent notes from the heart of the flower.

In the background, freesia provides this floral accord with its luminosity and crystalline freshness, as the expression of a purely contemporary romanticism.

As a sign of recognition of Les Belles de Nina, this famous apple-bottle has become their emblem. This time, the iconic bottle has adopted a pop-green tone, reflecting the fresh, lively personality of Bella. For the first time, an insect has landed on its leaves: a ladybird of a deep, bewitching blue. Reinvented in green and gold, the bottle of Bella has been embossed on a highly desirable case.

(Content provided by Ta’ Xbiex Perfumery Ltd)

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