Watch: Gollum returns as Theresa May

Watch: Gollum returns as Theresa May

Andy Serkis spoof has UK in stitches

Lord of the Rings character Gollum has made a somewhat unusual reappearance, moonlighting as UK Prime Minister Theresa May in a 180-second Brexit parody video.

The video is the work of British actor Andy Serkis, who donned a blue blazer, wig and pearls as he transformed himself into a hybrid of Ms May and Gollum.

As he sits hunched over a copy of the Brexit deal, the actor alternates between the scheming Gollum and his alter-ego Sméagol.

“We takes back control,” Gollum hisses. “Money, borders…blue passportses!”

Sméagol meekly tries to plead for a second referendum.

“But they told us, precious, they hates the deal. All of them hates it. They wants a People’s Vote."

But Gollum is not having it.

“People’s Vote? Argh!”

“They steal it from us. Curse them. We hates them."

The video has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on YouTube since Mr Serkis first released it on Sunday.

The talented actor could not have timed his parody any better: his schizophrenic portrayal of the British prime minister appeared to reflect real-life happenings in Westminster on Monday, with May cancelling a planned parliamentary vote on Brexit to avoid a catastrophic defeat in the House of Commons.

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