Funds running dry for NGO which helps people with intellectual needs

Funds running dry for NGO which helps people with intellectual needs

Opening Doors release video celebrating 10 years or artistic training

As funds run thin, the very existence of an NGO which helps people with intellectual needs is now in jeopardy.

Opening Doors Malta is marking its 10th anniversary but to continue doing its work within the sector it needs urgent funding, its proponents have warned.

For the past 10 years, Opening Doors has trained hundreds of adults with disabilities in dance, theatre and music. Opening Doors has expanded its team of tutors, its number of participants, rehearsal and performing venues, while maintaining its mission statement to make the arts accessible to all.

Today, the NGO welcomes 60 performers who regularly train and perform in music, dance and theatre presentations in Malta as well as in festivals abroad. 

The organisation has just released a video celebrating 10 years of artistic training for adult performers with a disability. 

So far, Opening Doors has relied on artistic funding through different projects supported by Arts Council Malta, as well as other entities. 

Blogger Alison Bezzina, whose family uses the services of Opening Doors, said: 
"The greatest thing this organisaton has achieved is to do all this without burdening parents and its members, most of whom are unemployed, with any costs and fees."

Her brother was one of the first members to join this organisation, and for the past 10 years put on two to three performances a year.

"They've now run out of funding, and they're doing something to convince anyone with a heart, to help them keep going," Ms Bezzina said.

To send a donation, send a blank SMS to the numbers below:
50618077 for €4.66
50619218 for €11.65

For deposits at Bank of Valletta go to IBAN MT72VALL22013000000040025366446

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