Scratched quartz kitchen top

Q: I purchased a quartz kitchen top with a 30-year guarantee against scratches and stains. Upon purchase I was assured that the quartz can only get scratched if another piece of quartz is rubbed against it.

When the quartz was delivered I noticed a scratch which I reported via e-mail immediately. The seller contacted me and promised he would fix it. So I allowed the installation of the quartz and paid the outstanding balance in full.

Unfortunately, the quartz top had other scratches the seller was unable to fix. At this point, the seller told me he would remove the quartz and refund me the money paid in full.

The problem is that I have a glass hob and a kitchen sink installed on the quartz. The seller is assuring me that they can remove the items themselves, but I am concerned about the damage that may be caused to the appliances.

I would like to know if I can insist on bringing someone I trust to remove the appliances, obviously at the seller’s expense. What are my rights?

A: Since the quartz is defective, legally you are entitled to a remedy without incurring any additional costs. The supplier is offering you to remove the appliances from the quartz at no cost to you. Hence, unless the company from where you bought the appliances tells you that the guarantee will no longer be valid if the appliances are handled by a third party, then you should allow the quartz company to remove the hob and the sink.

If, in the process, these are damaged, the company is responsible to provide you with an appropriate remedy or compensation.

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