True son of Żejtun

True son of Żejtun

It’s one month that myuncle, Angelo Zahra, of Żejtun passed away.

All those who knew him would say what a gentleman he was and it was always his pleasure to help others.

He always showed interest in each family member, encouraging us when any of us was following a course, sitting for an exam or an interview, telling us to continue advancing.

He would be the first to visit should any family member happen to be sick and require treatment. He truly looked after us.

We all miss him.

Personally, I will miss visiting him and my beloved auntie at their home.

Now I cannot go to his home anymore to see them.

He would tell me and my husband about our family, travel and so much more. I learned a lot from his stories.

At times we agreed and at other times we did not, but such is life. The last time I saw him was at the Żejt iż-Żejtun event and the last message I sent him was just a few hours before he passed away.

I cannot believe he is not with us anymore.

There are two special friends who I know miss my uncle: George Vella and Fr Anġ Seychell.

He did not only work hard for his family but also for his home town. In fact, he was awarded Ġieħ iż-Żejtun for his workin connection with Fondazzjoni Dar Nazareth, which was his second family.

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