New waste collection

I would like to thank the government for its brilliant idea to launch a new household waste collection scheme.

Many other countries today are also trying to do away with single-use plastics that pollute both land and, especially, our seas. Still, our commander-in-chief has decided to hell with all that, we in Malta are special so even more plastic bags will be introduced to fill up our rubbish landfills and, possibly, pollute our shores even more than they already are.

Even if the bags we are supposed to use are, as they put it, degradable, as they degrade, the bags will release toxins on land, which then will eithe poison our water table or leach into the sea. Either way, it is us that will lose out and suffer in the long term.

Also, can someone, please, tell me where are we supposed to keep this waste in between collection days and over the weekends, especially during the hot summer months.

All I can suggest to whoever was responsible for this idea is not to go to bed at night and so stop dreaming up these stupid ideas.

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