Equality of arms

I do not understand why Alfred Gauci  writes to  say that he “agrees with Mary  Shephard”.  I do not agree with anything Gauci wrote in his letter (‘Hazards of the trade’, November 7). I believe he did not understand what I was getting at.

I wanted to make the point that, given that policeman Simon Schembri featured time and time again on TV, the coverage of the accident he was involved in, his injury and the solidarity marches all shown on TV, how dare he object to an eight-minute interview on Xarabank with Liam DeBono, accused of running him over?

This policeman believes the interview could influence  the court case in favour of the accused. What about his appearances on TV? Does he not believe his multiple appearances on TV programmes and news bulletins might also influence the case?  Is this fair?

Daphne Caruana Galizia is a completely different kettle of fish altogether.  One cannot compare the best piece of cheese with the best chalk available in the  whole wide world.

She was an investigative journalist who was assassinated for  writing about corruption within the higher echelons of government. She chose that profession and therefore she was responsible to bring to  the attention of readers any interference with justice, any lack of observance of the  rule of law.

Daphne’s ‘memorial’ is a reference to the death of truth and justice in Malta.  The memorial will have to remain until such time as the  individual who masterminded her murder is arrested for the sake of truth and justice.

It is a shame though there are people who believe that journalists should be careful about reporting, that they should fear for their life even if, at this stage, this seems to be the case.

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