Woman seen stealing cash gifts at wedding reception

Conditionally discharged after returning the money

A newly-married couple had an unfortunate start to their new life when a guest stole envelopes bearing some €700 in cash gifts during the wedding reception in September.

But the thief, a 27-year-old woman from Mellieħa, was noticed by a relative of the groom.  

The police were immediately called to the venue at St Paul’s Bay and found the suspect inside the guest toilets, with the cash in her possession and the ripped envelopes nearby.

The woman, Roanna Mallia, was taken to court on Wednesday and admitted to the aggravated theft. She also pleaded guilty to having breached the terms of a conditional discharge delivered two years ago.

Upon the accused’s own admission, Magistrate Monica Vella declared her guilty and conditionally discharged her for three years. The court declared that it had been made aware of reasons which merited the conditional discharge.

Lawyer Joanne Farrugia was defence counsel.

Superintendent Maurice Curmi prosecuted