Sense Group welcomes National Alcohol Policy

The Sense Group has welcomed the setting up of an advisory board to put the recently launched National Alcohol Policy into action.

It said in a statement that, as an organisation, which along with other non-governmental industry and business entities was consulted in the process of drafting this policy, the group will continue to offer its contribution and support to tackle alcohol abuse including under-age drinking.

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The group had launched an updated Code of Practice for outlets that served alcoholic beverage for consumption on premises. These guidelines were designed to ensure that alcohol was promoted in a socially responsible manner, and only to those who were over the legal drinking age of 17.

The National Alcohol Policy, which is currently undergoing public consultation, aims to adopt a multifaceted, multi-sectoral approach to minimise the harm caused by the irresponsible use of alcohol. The policy contains actions specific to underage drinking, alcohol consumption in general and drink driving amongst others.

Set up in 1997, the Sense Group is supported by the alcoholic beverages industry including producers and importers. 

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