Massive utility

Massive utility

We’re democratising investment, products and services, so the many, and not just a few, can benefit from them, says BDXAlliance CEO Jamy Nigri.

You are often described as the ‘Google of blockchain’. On what grounds does this comparison hold?

We all use Google as the go-to place to search easily and efficiently for anything we’ll ever want to find out. Plus, it’s an integrated platform. In other words, it’s a single source access. With one account, you get secure options to choose products and services for your business and personal life. Everything’s there: from writing tools, music, a calendar, a vast store of apps, operating systems, security and statistical tools, and much, much more.

BDXAlliance team in a smiling selfie.BDXAlliance team in a smiling selfie.

In the same way, we offer an easy, integrated, secure and single source platform. Moreover, it’s inclusive: from converting crypto to gold, airmiles and much more. We’re democratising investment and products and services, so the many, and not just a few, can benefit from them.

Within our platform – or ecosystem, as we call it – you can have all that you need to use blockchain and crypto. It means someone – whether an individual or as part of a business – gets to benefit from a whole range of products and services to make their everyday life easier. On top of that, we’re on track to be the world’s first blockchain and crypto ecosystem that’s fully licensed and regulated.

What is your main service offering?

We like to call it ‘massive utility’ in one place. Simply put, all you need to use crypto easily. Because of the number of products, I’d recommend readers to browse our website

Briefly, though, we’ll be offering an exchange, a wallet, our own coin – that works through our entire ecosystem and outside it – a mobile app, and a debit card. And we’ll offer excellent, comprehensive education - with free and paid-for options. We’re even applying for university accreditation for our classes.

For businesses, we evaluate and help to launch their own ICOs. However, I should point out we’ve only approved four per cent of those brought to us because we insist on just accepting quality projects. Mind you, that four per cent translates to over $260 million in ICO projects in the pipeline. It’s all part of our wanting to focus our efforts on creating the industry’s most successful family.

Jamy NigriJamy Nigri

Despite the continuous and fast developments in blockchain, there are still knowledge gaps on the ground. Who holds the responsibility to bridge these gaps – operators or potential investors and clients?

Everyone has a responsibility. We’re all in this together. We spend a significant amount of time helping people understand how blockchain works, as there are many ways blockchain improves processes. As for crypto, for years we’ve been using virtual currencies from video games to awards miles. True, the use of them is somewhat different, but the execution process is very similar.

Malta is pitching itself as ‘Blockchain Island’. Why do you think Malta has the right legislation and infrastructure to deliver on this pitch?

While many other territories are in a wait-and-see mode, Malta is making real decisions. From holistic security reviews to training licensed professionals, Malta is providing a framework within which business decisions can be made.

There are also some amazing, innovative blockchain companies here. For instance, we're delighted to be partnering with Praestentia Cleantech Limited, a business that’s masterminded by the leadership of Anton Theuma of Paragon Europe. Together, we’re on a mission to save the world through cleantech sustainability projects empowered by blockchain.

Aside from that, the people in Malta are great. Always accessible, polite and kind – you feel a true sense of partnership in these discussions.

You were present at the Malta Blockchain Summit. How do you engage with participants?

Typically, I talk to everyone – even in elevators. So that is what I did – try to talk to everyone!

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