How a one-man show grew into one of the world's largest gaming events

How a one-man show grew into one of the world's largest gaming events

The Malta Blockchain Summit is packed with highlights

Blockchain adoption has been slow to spread but should gain traction as the industry develops – Eman Pulis.

Blockchain adoption has been slow to spread but should gain traction as the industry develops – Eman Pulis.

Debate is a crucial factor in the development of new technology, Malta Blockchain Summit CEO and founder Eman Pulis says.

In just a few years, Eman Pulis has managed to grow a one-man show into SiGMA, one of the world's largest gaming events.

This year, Pulis has launched the Malta Blockchain Summit and the plan is to hit the ground running and achieve growth from the word 'go'.

“Judging by the initial response we've received, we're already well on the way to achieving the same levels of elevation and success previously attained with SiGMA,” Pulis say.

“The blockchain industry has put down solid roots in Malta – and we expect the Malta Blockchain Summit to grow sustainably in tandem, keeping pace with the inevitable expansion and innovation as this technology becomes a more established part of the island’s infrastructure.”

Indeed, these solid roots come courtesy of Malta acting early by adapting blockchain-friendly legislation and pitching itself as ‘Blockchain Island’.

What benefits does this timely start give Malta’s economy?

“Government backing has created the perfect ecosystem for blockchain companies to flourish here in Malta. The recently passed legislation, along with support from government quarters, has cultivated a sense of security and peace of mind. These are vital qualities that have enticed companies to consider setting up shop in Malta. Cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance and OKEx have already made the move, others are sure to follow – bringing an abundance of investment and employment opportunities with them. The relocation of foreign companies is also a boon to other industries in Malta, such as the hospitality sector, particularly when it comes to avenues focusing on entertainment, leisure and real estate.”

But beyond legislation, what does Malta need to become a blockchain hub in Europe and beyond?

“An effective infrastructure will do a lot to attract more business to Malta, including the right tax system, investment opportunities and other financial incentives which will help cement its position globally as the Blockchain Island,” Pulis says.

Our plan is to showcase excellence

“One of the most interesting initiatives to emerge is the creation of the Blockchain Committee by the Malta Stock Exchange, which aims to develop a strategy to deal with the emerging tech. There are also plans for the Exchange to launch the Malta Stock Exchange Blockchain Consortium - a think tank which will unite experts from the Exchange’s stakeholders and other organisations, creating opportunities to share knowledge.

“There is also support from other quarters. The University of Malta, in collaboration with the Malta Information Technology Agency will be offering a series of scholarships to students furthering their studies in blockchain technology and talks are also in place to make Malta the location for a first-of-its-kind blockchain University.”

So the potential is there. But is the local economy aware that blockchain has the potential to transform not only the financial services sector, but most business sectors?

“Few areas of industry are left untouched. Blockchain technology has a finger in many pies, ranging across a plethora of industries, including healthcare, education and IT,” Pulis explains.

“Blockchain adoption has been slow to spread but should gain traction as the industry develops. Continued government backing will help legitimise the industry and give the economy the confidence it needs to maximise on the potential on offer.”

What are the main aims of the first edition of the Malta Blockchain Summit?

“We hope to shed light on what’s happening in terms of regulation. However, I believe debate is a crucial factor in the development of new technology. It’s important to provide a space for industry innovators and creative influencers to come together to cultivate discussion on some of the most important issues affecting the disruptive technology today. We also aim to create the right conditions for lasting, industry-changing relationships to emerge - our sold-out expo floor provides exactly that.”

The Malta Blockchain Summit is packed with highlights.

“We plan to showcase excellence,” says Pulis. “Delegates can expect a packed expo floor humming with activity. We have various interesting conferences on the agenda, with an incredible line-up of speakers taking the stage. Leading the pack are luminaries such as Scott Stornetta, maverick programmer and activist John McAfee, and Hanson Robotics creation and AI marvel, Sophia.

“A massive Hackathon promises to keep blockchain developers on their toes – an enticing €50,000 prize has already lured more than 250 registered teams and individual developers to the hotly-anticipated competition. A riveting ICO Pitch has also attracted the attention of hungry, young startups. The opportunity to gain valuable exposure to the industry, including mentorship from industry-savvy investors is too good an opportunity to pass up.”

In the past months Malta has experienced various blockchain-themed events. What will make the Malta Blockchain Summit different? 

“With everything we do is a commitment to a meticulous standard of quality. We’ve sourced the very best of everything, from lining our expo floor with incredible exhibitors to filling our stage with some of the most exciting movers and shakers in the industry. We’re not in it to steal the limelight – the event is designed to serve as a platform for others to highlight what they’re all about,” Pulis says.

Sigma changed the local gaming landscape. Will the Malta Blockchain Summit have the same effect?

“Regulation has helped forge the Maltese islands into a unique jurisdiction for the blockchain and DLT space,” says Pulis. “As the leading blockchain and DLT event in Malta, we hope to capitalise on the industry’s newly found relevance in this sphere.”

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