Delia’s statements

Some readers probably regard what I write about the leader of a faction of the Nationalist Party, Adrian Delia, as being ‘exaggerated’. Hence, I ask them to consider what he said during the last few days and then decide whether I am exaggerating or not.

Delia said the Maltese people are returning to “wartime days”. When hunger and poverty were rife in Malta.

He also said: “The government has not made one euro worth of capital project.” As if the Kappara and Marsa road projects, to mention just two, are not capital projects, besides projects started by the PN that had to be done and paid for by the Labour government (the Coast Road).

Delia declared that “20,000 people cannot afford to buy a second pair of shoes.”

Should we laugh or cry?

The so-called Opposition leader mentioned the lack of investment in the education sector, at a time when, for example, free transport is being provided for all schoolchildren and students whether they attend government, Church or independent schools. A bold step that was not taken anywhere else in the world and which would save about €700 a year to the family of every student.

Another gem: “This government is removing our values, our faith, our principles and our freedom.” And, as has been a favourite theme during PN protest meetings, Delia concluded: “We are again fighting for democracy” adding that “this time the Labour Party has not burnt newspapers [reference to the burning of the Times of Malta offices in Valletta by a few Labour thugs decades ago] but is slowly bribing them and taking them over”. Certainly, this newspaper is living proof that what Delia has said is a downright lie. It’s the only real Opposition that exists.

Do I exaggerate, then, when I say that this man is not fit for purpose?

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