Animal cruelty remains

While sympathising with Mario Galea who has had unpleasant experiences involving dogs (October 9), I disagree with him on further “dog laws” being unnecessary.

Photo: Matthew MirabelliPhoto: Matthew Mirabelli

Naturally, all dog owners are expected, by law, to look after their dogs and to prevent them from causing a public nuisance. A major concern is that several dog owners still allow their pets to roam the streets during the day, soiling the neighbourhood with their excretion and, occasionally, attacking people. These dog owners are known to all and sundry and could easily be apprehended by the police, yet, this anti-social behaviour is allowed to continue.

Both in Malta and in Gozo, the poisoning of helpless dogs and cats is still, alas, very common. Only a few days ago, a helpless stray fox terrier was cruelly poisoned here in Sannat in the very street where it tried to find refuge. Luckily, prompt action by the SPCA, Animal Welfare and a local vet saved its life. The laws and penalties against such barbarity should be strengthened. I am sure these animal-poisoners consider themselves to be good Catholics who would not dream of missing Sunday Mass. It is surely time for the Church authorities to inform all and sundry that wanton cruelty to animals is incompatible with Christianity. A pastoral letter to this effect would be greatly appreciated.

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