Today's front pages - October 12, 2018

What's making headlines in local newspapers

These are the leading stories in local newspapers this Friday.

The Times of Malta reports that three out of every five people in Malta are worried that they will not have an adequate income when they reach old age. The proportion of people in Malta concerned about their eventual pension is slightly higher than the EU average.

In a separate story, the newspaper writes how two law students previously found guilty of theft have been granted their warrant to practise, despite strong objections by the Chamber of Advocates and the former chief justice.

The Malta Independent reports on an interview with Labour MP Edward Zammit Lewis and PN MP Jason Azzopardi, with Dr Zammit Lewis insisting that Chris Cardona could not be expected to resign due to allegations published in a newspaper.

The newspaper also writes that PA board chairman Vince Cassar had no say in the authority’s decision to fly a board member to Malta by private jet.

L-Orizzont focuses on Home Affairs Minister Michael Farrugia’s reaction to a Daphne Project report alleging that Malta is at the heart of trafficking operations. The entire Mediterranean, Dr Farrugia said, was a centre of trafficking.

In-Nazzjon leads with PN leader Adrian Delia’s calls for a special commission to look into Daphne Caruana Galizia’s death.

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