Failure to act

I do not know why “Dr Azzopardi” (I presume Jason) sees as so significant the telephone call made to Minister Chris Cardona “by a man once suspected of fuel smuggling” (October 9). It was the man who made the call, not the minister. But that was a finding by the Daphne Project, so, of course, it must have been significant, though the call was made a full 12 months before Daphne Caruana Galizia was assassinated.

Everything is significant about the Daphne Project, including the fact that their heroine was a cruel, scurrilous writer who did not mind attacking personally people who were not in public life and whom the heroine did not hesitate to take down for physical infirmities.

I just don’t know why the conclusion is being widely accepted that this was a political murder. There were many who bore awful grudges against Caruana Galizia for her insulting scribbles and I cannot exclude that one of them may have taken that grudge to its terrible finality.

“Dr Azzopardi”, according to the newspaper report, slammed Labour Prime Minister Joseph Muscat for failing to act against Cardona. “Dr Azzopardi” should slam his own party for not acting against then (Nationalist) prime minister Eddie Fenech Adami who seemed to have consorted with the notorious Żeppi l-Ħafi, he of “good and not so good” character traits, and for whom Fenech Adami sought and obtained a presidential pardon for court testimony that jurors then threw out.

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