Dark tales at Fort St Angelo

Heritage Malta will be opening Fort St Angelo’s doors tonight while the night is creeping in. Two animated tours, based on tales of mystery and the supernatural relating to this historical fort, will take visitors on a spooky journey which will reveal the notorious dark past of this place.

Targeted for the curious and the brave, the tales range from legendary ghost stories, murder, executions, horrifying acts of war, ghastly imprisonments, and tragical deaths.

One of the chilling narratives includes the legend of the Grey Lady who is said to have been the mistress of the Castellan of the castle in the medieval era. At one point, this mistress insisted to have the same status as his noble wife, otherwise, she would make their relationship known to her. The Castellan decided to get rid of his mistress and he appointed two of his guards to kill her and bury her in a room within the castle. Then, to keep this murder a secret, he killed the two guards himself and buried them in the same room.

However, from then on, the castle which was later turned into a fort, became haunted by the dead woman. Many are said to have seen her, including a group of soldiers during World War II, who declared to have been saved by her when she led them out of a room just before it was bombed.

The story goes that in the 1960s, during some works at the fort, three skeletons were discovered, sealed in the walls of a room. Two were male, the other was female, and she was still draped in grey cloth. Hauntings of the Grey Lady are believed to have ceased after an exorcism of the site was ordered by the wife of a captain who lived in the fort.

Two tours (in English) will take place at 7 and 8.30pm.

Tickets are available from Heritage Malta museums and sites, and online. Participants must be 16 years and over. More information is available on

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