What happened on... October 11

What happened on... October 11

10, 25 and 50 years ago

10 years ago - The Times

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Labour presents climate change Bill

Labour MP Leo Brincat yesterday presented a Private Member’s Bill on climate change calling for a strategic plan that would demand annual progress reports from the government.

Mr Brincat accused the government of dragging its feet on the issue of climate change and insisted the time has come to put the subject high on the national agenda and draw up a strategic plan based on accountability to ensure action.

The Ministry for Resources and Rural Affairs reacted saying it was premature to be discussing control mechanisms on the implementation of the strategy.

The Climate Change Committee, appointed in June, would be drawing up its recommendations for a national strategy on climate change in the next couple of weeks, the ministry said. These recommendations would then be open for public consultation and the government is not ruling out launching measures to ensure that the national strategy is implemented effectively.

Speaking to the media soon after presenting the Bill to the Clerk of the House of Representatives, Mr Brincat explained that when he initially mentioned his plan to submit the Bill, his aim was to “trigger the government into doing something”. Since there was no official reaction, he took his suggestions to Parliament.

25 years ago - The Times

Monday, October 11, 1993

Malta must prove its commitment to EC membership, Courier says

Malta must prove it is committed to EC membership and it should see that no stone is left unturned in its effort to achieve membership, the Commercial Courier, journal of the Chamber of Commerce said.

The potential for membership is unquestionable, it adds, but it is not enough to rely on political support.

“Although politically Malta’s application enjoys substantial support, technically this is not the case. The EC Commission is insisting that the economic reforms and technical harmonisation required should start immediately with the Commission itself offering technical and financial help,” the editorial says.

Spot checks on industrial waste

Licences of commercial or industrial premises will not be issued with a trading license if by next January 1 they fail to obtain a permit, where necessary, to discharge trade effluent into the sewerage system, Deputy Police Commissioner J.C. Gauci said.

Half a century ago - Times of Malta

Friday, October 11, 1968

‘Super One-Eleven’ demonstration flight for Malta Airlines

The Malta Airlines, all set to acquire their first aircraft for operation on existing and future routes, yesterday tested yet another fine aircraft, the British Aircraft Corporation’s “Super One-Eleven”. The aircraft came to Malta at the end of a visit to Istanbul and Vienna, and flew on an hour’s demonstration flight over Sicily

This is the second British medium-range airliner which Malta Airlines had demonstrated to them in Malta over the past few months. The other aircraft was the “Trident”. Both these aircraft are used by British European Airways with whom Malta Airlines had worked in close and happy cooperation over the past 20 years.

School children’s cruise

The Malta Schools Christmas Cruise in the new British India school-ship Uganda, 17,000-tons, will undoubtedly set a record for the number of nationalities which will be represented among the 930 students. There will also be over 300 cabin passengers, including about 60 party leaders. 

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