The Malta Scout Fellowship celebrates 25th anniversary

The Malta Scout Fellowship celebrates 25th anniversary

“Once a scout, always a scout” very much sums up what the Malta Scout Fellowship is all about. Set up 25 years ago, the Scout Fellowship brings together those individuals who have retired or stopped serving in some leadership role within the local Scout Association.

Although no longer having the necessary time and energy to fully dedicate themselves to a leadership role, many still continue to give their knowledge, skills and support to the Malta Scout Association. This is done either at a national, district or scout group level.

The Scout Fellowship was established in October 1993 by a group of 10 former scout leaders, most of whom today have ‘gone home’ to use the popular scouting term. Only a handful remain. We had a common goal and passion not to shut the door on our scouting experience but to use it and share it in a more flexible way that suits our present realities. We intended the fellowship to become a resource for upcoming scout leaders to use in whichever way they required at whichever level.

Over the past 25 years, the fellowship has grown from strength to strength. We have reached out to many who once were involved in the scouting organisation, providing them with a platform to maintain contact with the scouting world in a flexible manner that is convenient to them. Many have come to find it as an important support to the social side of scouting for adults.

We had a common goal and passion not to shut the door on our scouting experience but to use it and share it in a more flexible way that suits our present realities

Our members have responded well. They have supported endless scouting initiatives and events, offering administrative support, camping services and helping out with fundraising and training courses. Such involvement gives the opportunity for each member to use his or her invaluable experience and skills gained over the years.

The fellowship is undergoing a transformation in the hope that it continues to renew itself and becomes more proactive through the effective involvement of its members.

In recent years, a number of scout groups have established so-called ‘old boys’ units which are practically organised on the same lines of the fellowship and whose members are giving their active support within their respective scout group. Bringing together these small groups into one larger group would be of benefit to the association and to the groups themselves as they can become more effective in their outreach. Discussions are currently in progress between the parties involved in order to finalise a by-law which will eventually form part of the constitution of the Scout Association of Malta.

Branches of the Scout Fellowship may be established at Island Headquarters level, at district or at scout group level.

Over the past months a number of activities for fellowship members were organised. These activities, held at intervals of between six to eight weeks, were well attended.

There are many former scouts out there who still remember the enjoyable days they spent when they were still active in their group.

Today, they remember those days with nostalgia but still fall back to the friendships they made and the life skills they learnt when they were scouts. Today, many are leaders in civil society; others are leaders in their own profession and many others are giving their time and efforts to contribute towards a better society.

Former scouts and current fellowship members will come together on October 13 to commemorate its 25th anniversary through the celebration of Mass followed by a dinner. We invite all former scouts to join us in this event.

For more information one may visit our Facebook page and leave a message with one’s contact details for us to respond.

Vincent Cassar is chairperson of the Malta Scout Fellowship.

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