MEPs’ bias

The Times of Malta has reported that another MEPs delegation will be returning to Malta, for the third time, to continue investigating the ‘rule of law’ in our country.

It would be very interesting to see if the delegation would still include the same MEPs who had formed the previous two delegations, including the Nationalist Party’s David Casa and his ‘parrot’, Ana Gomes.

I ask this because the previous two delegations were so overtly politically biased against the Labour government that a third delegation will serve no purpose since it would be coming with a pre-determined stand from which it will not budge, irrespective of whatever is said or proven to it, which would not tally with what the MEPs already have in mind.

This is why I strongly believe that these delegations are not really after ensuring the return of the ‘rule of law’ in Malta, since this has existed - and still exists - for many years. They are more interested in helping to see the return of the ‘rule of the PN’.

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