Send delinquents back home

I am not against foreign workers so long as they are really and truly required and not as a means of cheap labour. I do not consider myself a racist either, as I respect all and sundry irrespective of colour, breed or creed. But I love Malta too and it worries me a lot when I see how the country that gave me birth is deteriorating by and large in various aspects, especially in terms of our traditional and religious values.

It worries me a lot too when I realise that my grandchildren are fast growing up in a society that embraces a policy of nonchalance, where nothing seems to matter, where corruption is the order of the day and seems to have the blessing of those who think they are almighty number 2.

Our daily news bulletins offer us a taste of what it is like in Malta, in certain areas in particular – fights, killings, thefts, drug finds and the like. Very often, foreigners are the protagonists, even between themselves. The police take them to court and if found guilty, they are either jailed or given a suspended sentence.

Don’t the authorities concerned think that we have enough delinquent Maltese to keep the police busy and our prisons functioning? I suggest that when foreigners, especially those from outside the EU, are caught and apprehended,  they should be sent back home if found guilty. We need to clean up the society we live in, for our sake and for the sake of future generations. We are obliged to leave our country better than we found it.

Sending delinquents back home would also serve as a deterrent to those of them who might think that in Malta nothing matters and they can practise the law of the jungle as they fancy.

It is already disgusting how Malta is becoming devoid of green land and has become a whole construction site, with cranes towering in our skies. Let us at least take care of the core of our society and try to preserve the little that is left.

Besides, we Maltese should not be afraid or feel embarrassed to show our foreign guests that we expect them to fully respect  our customs and beliefs, irrespective of what they do in their country of origin. They may be temporary guests and as such they should remain without trying to impose their culture and/or beliefs on us.

I suppose they realise that in a small country like Malta, invading our country in their hundreds creates a burden to us. The minimum we Maltese expect from those who live on our shores  is for them to work, keep Malta tidy, respect others, obey the rules and abide by our laws.

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