International warranty query

Q: I would like to buy a new TV set from Sicily. The television is being sold with an international warranty. However, a friend of mine who purchased the same brand of TV I am interested in buying told me that the Maltese agent is refusing to honour the international warranty because the item is bought from Sicily.

Can an agent refuse to abide by an international warranty?

A: Before buying the television from the Italian seller, you should have asked the seller to provide you with a copy of the international warranty so you can verify if the local agent is listed as a guarantor. If the local agent is listed, then he is legally bound to honour the terms and conditions of the international guarantee and provide you with a remedy as stipulated in the guarantee.

If the local agent is not mentioned as a guarantor, then he is not legally obliged to do so even though he is the local official agent of the brand. In this case, should you decide to purchase the  television and it results faulty, you will need to speak directly with the foreign seller to provide you with a solution.

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