Watch: Afghan Charlie Chaplin brings joy amid conflict

Watch: Afghan Charlie Chaplin brings joy amid conflict

Under Taliban's rule most cultural activities were banned

Meet Karim Asir: He calls himself Afghanistan's answer to Charlie Chaplin and he's bringing silent cinema to the dusty streets of Kabul.

The 25-year-old says he's witnessed suicide attacks, explosions and threats against his own life for his performances, but he's determined to give people in this war-torn city a reason to smile.

"One of my goals is to give people a chance to forget their problems such as war, conflicts and insecurity in Afghanistan. I want people to forget these issues for a moment and be amused."

The stand-up comic performs across the capital as Chaplin's 'Tramp' persona, complete with the trademark waddle, make-up and bowler hat.

He says for that - militants have threatened him for being 'anti-Islam.'

Afghanistan once had a long culture of music and performing arts, but under the Taliban's rule most cultural activities were banned.

"I am afraid of being targeted by suicide bombings or explosions but these issues cannot stop me carrying out my work and performances."

Karim and his family fled to Iran in the 90s after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan and he grew up glued to Iranian TV, mesmerized by Chaplin's performances.

Once back in Kabul, he started re-creating the comic's renowned look. He paints on a moustache for parties, orphanages and even charity shows set up by international aid.

Despite his parents' initial hesitation, they now say Karim is a source of pride for the family.

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