Today's front pages - September 9, 2018

What's making headlines in local newspapers

These are the leading stories in local newspapers this Sunday.

The Sunday Times of Malta reports that the task of redacting the Egrant inquiry has been given to the Prime Minister’s personal lawyer, with the Attorney General and other key figures arguing against it being released.

The newspaper also reports on controversy over Malta’s national day, with President Coleiro Preca calling for Malta to pick just one. Former presidents, ministers and historians tell the newspaper what they make of the matter.

The Malta Independent on Sunday quotes US lawyers working for the Democratic National Congress, who in courts filings wrote that Joseph Mifsud, a Maltese professor linked to a scandal involving Russia and Donald Trump, may be deceased.

Malta Today reports on a TVM documentary about Maltese survivors of Italy's fascist camps during the war. 

It-Torċa quotes Gozo Bishop Mario Grech, who noted that society would be much better off if discussion about baby Cristiano, who was found on a doorstep in Buġibba, centred on how the case could have been prevented.

Il-Mument writes that Attorney General Peter Grech is trying to prevent witnesses presented by Opposition Leader Adrian Delia from testifying. Dr Delia presented a long list of people he wants to testify in case seeking a copy of the full Egrant inquiry.

Illum reports on Adrian Delia, who has insisted that the outcome of next year’s MEP election will not reflect the electorate’s view of him or his leadership.

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