Today's front pages: September 6, 2018

These are the stories which made it to the front pages of Thursday's newspapers:

The Times of Malta reports that nurses trained outside of the EU will not be allowed to work, along with a round-up of the emergency measures which will have to be taken to clear uncollected rubbish from Gozo.

The Malta Independent  also tackles the issue of waste collection, but its main story is the concerns raised by a planning application for Nadur which could have a negative impact on the cliff there.

In-Nazzjon reports on the ongoing court case instituted by Opposition Leader Adrian Delia for the Egrant inquiry to be published in full, and his accusation that the Attorney General is breaching the Constitution.

L-Orizzont gives prominence to the better quality water which will now be available, thanks to the third plant now open. It also explains the deal reached with regards to the provision of school transport.



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