Leaving Mosta

Photo: Mark Zammit Cordina

Photo: Mark Zammit Cordina

Traffic jams are a common sight and this is mostly the result of the ever-increasing amount of vehicles every day. However, there are instances where, with some common sense, such jams could be avoided or, at least, mitigated.

I will mention one particular spot in Mosta – the roundabout hosting the monument of Qalbiena Mostin.

This roundabout is situated exactly at the very end of Eucharistic Congress Road on one side and the beginning of Independence Avenue on the other.

Traffic leaving Mosta through Independence Avenue is given the right of wayin favour of vehicles exiting the locality via Eucharistic Congress Road due to the roundabout.

It often takes 10 minutes and, at times, longer for vehicles to move on when one approaches the roundabout.

This waste of time can be eliminated if the tiny stretch of road on the left-hand side of the monument – a two-lane road – is divided by some bollards. By so doing, traffic coming from Independence Avenue will continue straight on by using the right-hand side of the tiny stretch without going on the left side of the road.

Traffic leaving Mosta through Eucharistic Congress Road can simply drive on without any obstacles.

This way, traffic jams canbe avoided.

Installing a few bollards – six or eight – as suggested, won’t break Transport Malta’s back but will definitely ease the traffic leaving Mosta at all times of the day.

Hopefully, this sensible suggestion will be favourably considered and not fall on deaf ears to the detriment of the public.

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