On the dot - September 3, 2018

On the dot - September 3, 2018

Cover all

Trucks transporting rubble and masonry should always be covered. Indeed, the law may already demand it, but as usually happens, the practices continues with impunity.

Bad example

The Environment Minister should have a word with his driver. Every morning when he calls to pick up the minister from his private residence in Lija, the driver locks the ministerial car, leaves the engine running and the AC on, and goes to buy newspapers from a nearby outlet. Fuel burning unnecessarily, an engine emitting pollution (not to mention the noise) and the untold damage caused by the AC. That cannot be good for the environment.

Beach bins

Bins on beaches, such as these in Armier, should be emptied regularly. Visitors must also be responsible and look for other bins they can use rather than pile rubbish on a bin that’s already overflowing.

Carry on

The point has been raised here before but it bears repeating. How often do motorists come across heavy plant blocking part of the road for whatever reason without wardens being present to direct traffic? A recent example was in Triq Ganni Portelli, corner with Triq il-Linja, Attard, last Wednesday. People carry on doing it because the powers that be cannot be bothered.

Against the flow

It seems like anything goes in Malta and the laws are there to be broken. Two large no-entry signs have been put up at the Balzan side of Triq il-Wied Hal-Balzan, corner with Triq it-Tabib J. Zammit, through which traffic is diverted. However, drivers ignore the road signs and go right through in the direction of the Iklin roundabout. Where are the wardens?

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