Falling rocks create imminent danger for swimmers in Delimara

Falling rocks create imminent danger for swimmers in Delimara

'I have grown hoarse warning people to stay away' - visitor

Falling rocks pose an imminent danger to people who go swimming in the area known as il-ħofra z-zgħira in Delimara, two visitors have warned.

Dominic Briffa (Dom Dom) said he had seen rocks falling 'like rain' in recent days from a natural arch in a spot frequented by swimmers.

"I have grown hoarse trying to alert people all weekend," he said. "But young people in particular continue to ignore me. There are also families with children."

He said a fence also needed to be set up to stop people from walking on top of the area, particularly where it overhangs.

He said he has also alerted the authorities but no one has shown up so far.

Francois Borg, who also issued warnings through Facebook, said cracks have appeared on both sides of the rock face, indicating that more rock falls were likely. 

Similar danger in Munxar, Marsascala

Another reader, Noel Ciantar, said the same rock problems exist at Munxar, in Marsascala.

"Around all of its edges, especially around the edges of the peninsular formation where there are a couple of buildings, people walk to the edges to look at the sea below, but they may not know that they are walking onto dangerous and weak protruding rock edges that may fall any time. There are no warnings in the area. Signs should warn people to stay 1-2 metres away from the edge," he said.

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