Yet again

It seems there is no end to the flaws in the manner which Transport Malta draw up their so-called strategy.

As one can clearly see in the photograph, traffic suddenly comes to a stop. There is a simple reason for this. Someone at Transport Malta decided, as usual, to relocate the bus stop in Balluta Bay, St Julian’s without thinking of the consequences that can arise.

The original location of the bus stop was ideal. The bus would actually veer to the left and allow the traffic to continue. It did not hinder the flow of traffic at all.

The new bus stop is now located at the curve (yes, the curve) just past the Carmelite church. It is impossible for the bus driver to stop the vehicle in this curve and, therefore, the back end of the bus sticks out, stopping all traffic.

But the story does not end; it actually gets painfully ridiculous. Look at what happens when the second bus comes along. The traffic is blocked all the way past the Plaza Hotel.

The old bus stop (which was the better one) is now a collect/drop off point for the double-decker buses.

Now does this make any sense?

Wake up.

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