Humble and loving Church

I would have won the jackpot if I had staked that John Guillaumier would avail himself of the Pennsylvania sex scandals revelation to further vilify and debunk the Roman Catholic Church.

This was no run of the mill affair as when Ireland won the abortion referendum just two months ago but a far more serious and despicable crime. But I would have lost my bet if I wrote that his next letter would not be complemented with a picture to drive home more forcibly the message.

At any rate, despite this festering wound and transgression, I still maintain that, to acknowledge counterbalance, the endemic weakness and evil of some of its members and humanity in general, the call for mercy abounds in every Mass, starting from the Confiteor and the Kyrie Eleison in the liturgy of the word and ending with various invocations for mercy and the moving Agnus Dei in the liturgy of the Eucharist.

This incessant humility from sunrise to sunset matches perfectly the height and depth of the love of the Church towards Christ. And this is surely pleasing to God.

While I am sure that Guillaumier cannot gauze the intensity of such love and humility, I can furnish him with a rough idea of all the mea culpas of the last three Popes, which amount to a staggering total of 37.

What a humble and meek Church! I might as well add the adjective “humble” to the other centuries-old portfolio attributes of the one, holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

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