Vintage Vespas are granted a new lease of life - in many forms

Vintage Vespas are granted a new lease of life - in many forms

'Extreme' Vespa enthusiasts rev up at Indo festival

A selection of otherwise tired vintage Vespas have been granted a new lease of life in Indonesia, where a festival dedicated to the iconic Italian motorbike drew hundreds of fans. Grace Lee reports. 

"Usually in the auto industry, when's something's broken it gets replace. But not with Vespas - when a Vespa's broken - we fix it. That's the beauty of Vespas," one enthusiast said. 

Hundreds gathered to show off their own twist of extravagance.

Some splashed out to restore vintage models, while others could only afford to adorn it with junkyard goods.

The one golden rule: Every customized vehicle has to have a Vespa engine. 

It's a love letter to a staple of daily life in Indonesia, where congested roads mean two wheels are better than four.

However, the nation usually opts for cheaper, utilitarian models.

Vespas are seen as a sign of luxury.

But the festival isn't just about scooter swag, there's a sense of community here.

The Vespa lovers say they help each other out when they have trouble on the road.

Many of them travel at night to avoid traffic police, because the bikes are often unlicensed.

And some of the more ramshackle machines are prone to breaking down.

But that too is just another labour of love for these enthusiasts who say:

"Vespa guys stick together."

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