Chinese film fest comes to end

The Summer Chinese Film Festival comes to a close today with a screening in Santa Luċija.

Go Lala Go! (2010) is a romantic comedy which follows Lala, a career- oriented young woman who must balance her love life with a demanding career. When a golden opportunity falls into her lap, she has to choose between her boyfriend and her job. At this moment, Alan becomes her career mentor and tries to get her to choose change.

Once the lure of extravagance has cleared, Lala finds herself lost, pondering over her past and realising that marriage really isn’t as simple as ticking of a box on your to-do-list. Will she choose to continue to helplessly struggle to appear successful on the outside, or return to her true nature and attempt to find the real Lala? 

Go Lala Go will be screened today 8.30pm at the Chinese Garden of Serenity, Santa Luċija. For more information, contact the Santa Luċija local council on 2166 6600.

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