Cowards on Facebook

Over many years, readers of this newspaper have lamented the fact that the sermons at our Sunday Mass have been, to say the least, unenlightening.

I attended the 11 o’clock Mass last Sunday at the little church of the Poor Clares where Fr Ramon, a Franciscan, delivered the most riveting sermon that I have heard for ages. He spoke about the internet and about Facebook, about forgiveness and love in today’s modern era, and somehow you just felt he was speaking to you personally.

His experience of being attack­ed by Facebook users, because he complained about dog walkers who never clean up the parvis when it has been fouled by their dogs, was unbelievable. This resulted in the elderly who use walking sticks often getting messed up with the dirt left behind by these animal lovers. They accused him of being an animal hater, and how could a priest say these things!

I am a dog owner and love my dog. But I too suffer with dog walkers who do not clean up the mess they leave on the pavement, and, more often than not, walk on the road, not the pavement, to avoid the filth. Disgusting!

After Mass, I went to the sacristy to shake his hand and said what a wonderful sermon he had given, adding that I hated Facebook. He immediately said that Facebook is doing lots and lots of good, thank God, but unfortunately you get people saying the most dreadful things on it and misusing it.

I wonder why? I can only compare this behaviour to a little boy or girl hiding behind a wall, stepping out to throw a stone, hitting someone and ducking behind the wall so that no one can see her or him. A cowardly act.

I am not on Facebook, so save your time trying to attack me, but remember whatever you put on Facebook, it is there forever.

Cyberspace has it all.

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