Trane chillers for Mater Dei Hospital

Roger Satariano & Son Ltd local agents for Trane Cooling and Heating Systems, have been awarded the contract for the supply of 14 air-cooled chillers and three water to water heat pumps to Mater Dei Hospital. Trane has been selected over other competitive offers on the basis of their efficiency, state-of-the-art technology and after sales services.

The first seven chillers have already been delivered and installed at Mater Dei and the remainder 10 units are set for delivery before the end of this year.

All the units have an extended warranty of five years, including maintenance by qualified Trane personnel. The air-cooled chillers also come with an Adiabatic Cooling System and the whole plant (including heat pumps, drycoolers and valves) are managed by a Trane’s BMS Tracer SC which enables the chillers to be monitored and controlled at the touch of a button. This contract follows the successful supply of four Trane chillers at the new Oncology Centre six years ago. 

Commenting on the award of this tender, Ray Satariano, director of Roger Satariano & Son Ltd, said that “We are honoured to have landed such a prestigious tender. However, this could not have happened without the continuous technical support of Trane Italy”.

Roger Satariano & Son Ltd has been partners and sole agents of Trane for the past 20 years.

“During this time, the firm has managed to supply leading commercial entities in Malta, including top hotels, large factories and hospitals, with Trane chillers, heat pumps, air handling units, rooftops and Fancoils.

“The firm is today a leading global provider of energy efficient HVAC systems and services designed to meet the specific needs of commercial, institutional, industrial and process customers,” said Mr Satariano.

Trane today employs over 26,000 people and conducts its manufacturing in 27 plants spread across 10 countries.  It is the world’s leading manufacturer of scroll, helical-rotary and centrifugal compressors for chillers.

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