Not smart at all

Further to my letter complaining about the disservice experienced on July 5, when I was arrogantly told to walk if I wanted to get somewhere (‘No assistance’, July 13), yet another incident occurred, this time on August 9 at 11.30am at the same place.

I wanted to go to the park and ride stage near the Phoenicia Hotel. A cab had just returned from a trip and another was unattended. I approached driver of the first cab to book the trip but he never gave me the chance to open my mouth. Again, he arrogantly told me he was booked and would not be available for the next half hour. Fair enough.

I, therefore, enquired about the other cab but this same person said he was the only one in service at the time. Within seconds, three tourists turned up and they were immediately asked to mount the driverless cab. Of course, I expected an explanation from the driver who was present and he repeated he was booked.

I have a feeling that tourists are preferred because while we know the set tariffs tourists can probably be overcharged.

As I have already indicated in my previous letter to this newspaper, I am an octogenarian suffering from severe arthritis, which limits my movements, especially on long distances.

Are the authorities aware of the sort of situations I mention? Are the Maltese people ready to accept being trampled upon so long as tourist contribute to our coffers? Does the Smart cabs management care about the running of the service, especially given the specific purpose for which it was set up?

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