Project seeks to instil heritage awareness from a young age

BOV and FWA organise ‘Hands on Heritage’

Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna (FWA) and Bank of Valletta are collaborating on the ‘Hands on Heritage’ for the 21st consecutive year.

Hands on Heritage are sessions organised for schoolchildren in various historical sites in Malta, managed by the FWA with a hands-on approach.

“Heritage encapsulates more than monuments, artefacts and historic events. It is all around us,” Mario Farrugia, executive chairman at FWA, said.

“The origins of a name, what your great-great grand-parents did for a living and events that changed the world into what it is today are all parts of our collective heritage. One of the fundamental causes of damage to our heritage is the lack of awareness by the public at large, an awareness that we are trying to instill from a very young age through the Hands on Heritage Programme."


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