If pigs could fly...

Brisbane crowds treated to another display

You're not seeing things: flying pigs have once again entertained the crowds at the Queensland Royal Exhibition Show, known locally as the EKKA, in Brisbane.

After a three-year break, the Vandeleur family - primarily 10-year-old Mater - were back to thrill audiences with their diving and racing pigs.

The popular Heritage Bank Racing Pigs fly through the sky, dive into a pool of water and race each other around a track.

Four athletic pigs decked out in racing colours competed in two races around a 50 metre track, before the diving stars made a splash.

After running up their 2m high specially designed and built diving platform, the piggies launched themselves into a diving tank.

The flying pigs hold the Guinness World Record for the longest dive by a pig, and have become famous across Australia and the US.

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