Shameful service by Maltapost

Last September I found out that six letters addressed to me had been left in letterboxes of two other apartments in our block which are rarely or very rarely visited by the owners; two of the letters had been there for over four months.

I had been waiting for a notice regarding an operation I was to undergo – which never arrived. So I phoned the hospital and they could not understand how I had not been sent the letter. It turned out that the letter was one of the six left in the other letterboxes.

I protested strongly in writing to Maltapost and was asked to send a detailed report and photographs showing the position of my letterbox, which I did.

My complaint was not considered worthy of an acknowledgement, let alone an apology or an explanation of what would be done to avoid such a thing happening again.

Some six months later the same thing happened – my letters were left in another person’s letterbox. I waited patiently for five days to catch the postperson at my door; in the end I met her and explained what serious consequences this incorrect delivery could have. Who would answer for the ensuing complications?

It looks like Maltapost has a high staff turnover rate and consequently can give their employees very little training about their responsibilities. However, the company needs to pull its socks up and radically improve the ser­vice it offers to its customers.

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