Peace on earth?

If the ‘belligerent’ West truly wants peace on this lonely planet, it can achieve it and ought to be working towards such a desired outcome. In the same way that the West managed to disrupt the rest of humankind, it can right the wrongs of our forefathers.

Let all the former colonialist countries that exploited and plundered straighten out the governments of those countries from where the hordes of human beings are fleeing. Only then will the illegal exoduses come to a happy ending. It’s that simple.

If the powerful countries of the world, namely the US, Russia, China, UK, France and Germany, as well as the EU, truly desire a lasting peace for their own citizens and for the coming generations, let them show mankind the true colour of their red human blood by their deeds instead of repeated litanies of empty words and blood that is bile green.

 Until all nuclear powers get rid of their own abomi­nable weapons of mass destruction (France, Britain, US, Russia, China, Israel, Pakistan and India) that threaten all otherwise civilised countries, only then will the people of the world believe in their sincerity when calling for the disarmament of North Korea and Iran. After all, aren’t these two countries themselves threatened when they are literally surrounded by nuclear warheads?

Humanity has a tendency to pat itself on the back for the ‘good’ deeds it outwardly promotes while inwardly spreading division and hatred. And we dare call ourselves civilised!

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