Mobile phone use

I fell victim to a driver who blatantly saw me signal that l was about to cross a 10-metre-wide road while he was in a stationary position, yet, due to negligence, he managed to knock me down ending up in hospital with concussion plus injuries.

When l had a second look at him when I was already on the road, I recall seeing him looking down at the steering wheel and when he came to my assistance he was holding his mobile phone yelling for somebody to give him the emergency phone number. Before l passed out he told me the sun’s rays obliterated his vision.

Anyway, he appeared in court, admitted to some of the offences and was fined.

My point is that the evident and widespread use of mobile phones while driving is leading to traffic accidents.

I watch cars approaching a junction. They slow down and l would see a number of drivers using their mobiles because they think it is safe to use them even when stuck in slow-moving traffic. Traffic officials need to survey these motorists who think they can concentrate on two things simultaneously.

Action please.

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