Internal plumbing systems are clients’ responsibility

I refer to the letter entitled ‘Poor service from WSC’ by Nick Dobbs, (The Sunday Times of Malta, July 29) claiming poor service by the Water Services Corporation.

While understanding the frustration of the customer at the higher bill due to a substantial water leak I would like to point out the following:

Although the corporation offers all the help, including through advanced technology, to its clients to locate and eliminate any potential leaks, internal plumbing systems remain the responsibility of the clients themselves. Clients can also monitor their hourly consumption through the corporation’s website’s live section.

In addition to being an excellent water management tool, this function allows clients to easily identify the possibility of any leaks. When leaks are confirmed, the corporation also offers the possibility to revise the used tariff and apply special leak rates. A specifically intended board evaluates such claims.

The corporation is proud that its leak rates continue to hold at record lows and that in this field it tops international scoreboards. For further information the corporation can be contacted on Freephone 8007 6400; e-mail:; website live chat:; or through our social media.

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