University gears up for Blockchain

As Malta seeks to create a fertile environment for blockchain business, the University of Malta has responded to the educational challenges which the new technology has raised, with its offer of several Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) related study units starting in October.

These units will be offered within the University of Malta’s existing undergraduate and master’s degree programmes.

The study units starting in October include Blockchain and Smart Contracts (ICT3009) which is an ICT-focused study unit offered within the BSc in Computing Science, the BSc in Artificial Intelligence and the master’s degrees in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.

A hands-on technical study unit (LAS3019) Blockchain and Smart Contract Programming is intended to help those with programming experience with a kick-start into Smart Contract and Blockchain development. This is offered as an evening course within the Programme for Liberal Arts and Sciences (Plas).

The Blockchain World: An Introduction (LAS1062) is a general and non-technical introduction to Blockchain and DLTs offered as an evening course within the Plas.

A Blockchain and DLT Master’s by Research degree is also being developed and is intended to start by February 2019, while a taught Master’s degree in Blockchain and DLT is being developed with plans to start in October 2019.

In line with these plans, the University has approved a Centre for Distributed Ledger Technologies, which will host and facilitate the programmes related to Blockchain and DLT within the University.

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