The corporate veil

The de-scheduling of the garden in Trafalgar House, Sliema is just the last of a series of bizarre decisions by the Planning Authority. But are they just bizarre? Sometimes I wonder.

They are too common and largely consistent, often ignoring the views of the Environment and Resources Authority and, sometimes, even the advice of their own case officer.

The PA, through its members, is desecrating large parts of Malta and ruining our heritage in the process. We will not be able to get it back.

Who is to be held accountable, responsible or even liable? Perhaps it’s time to lift the so-called corporate veil. There’s a lot of money involved in the business of property development. Perhaps that’s the only way to control this animal that’s gone wild.

We are supposed to have a development and property ombudsman. Never heard a sound from the present incumbent, unlike his predecessor. ERA should also be empowered to have the final say and even overrule the PA in some cases. Otherwise, why was this monster separated into two entities?

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