Going His way

I look at arguments proposed by John Gullaumier as negative or despairing from a completely different optimistic angle.

He describes Gregory the Great’s papacy as a pessimistic period of the Church history. To me, it was the first house-building exercise when the Church had many shortcomings and seemed collapsing.

This great saint had described the Church as a ‘sinking ship’ but, being  an indomitable captain with a strong pair of hands, he managed to steer the ship to harbour.

The same with Francis of Assisi, who, kneeling before a crucifix, heard a voice telling him: “Francis, go and repair my house, which thou seest falling.” He completed the job and was followed by an era of great saints and mystics.

Another Francis, the present Pope, will soon see the Church shine, with functional faith, full of vitality, alive and kicking.

The ‘hand of God’ was evident then and still is. It is the same faith that permeates all authentic Christian souls.

Faith is the anticipated reality of what we hope for – the beatific vision – and the demonstrative proof of what the mind does not see.

It exists formally in the intellect as a habit infused at baptism. Man’s intellect assents to divine truth and adheres in homage to God to revealed but incomprehensible truth.

All this is based on God Himself – infinite and infallible truth – who can neither deceive nor be deceived. There is nothing fearful in that. On the contrary, the expectation of peace, honour and glory fills us with great joy as the culmination of the good news story.

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