The sound of music

The ‘athleisure’ trend has made its way to the festival arena, proposing a style that is in perfect harmony with the needs of the moment: comfort, relaxation and coolness. Sportswear that has been adapted for moments of leisure and mixed with romantic or classical items.

Sporty-inspired pieces, such as fanny-packs and trainers to take with us to the main stage in a mixture of unique styles. Dresses that are markedly romantic can be worn with comfortable shoes and shoulder bags; shirts can be worn, as long as they are paired with the right accessories, such as bandanas, backpacks, jeans or bags with charms, fringes or pompoms. Statement earrings are back and are a must-wear for festival-goers. In a festival anything goes, the only rule is individual comfort and style.

Because in fashion, as is in music, the boundaries are blurred and elements are blended together to create unique styles.

Parfois is locally represented by Arkadia Marketing Ltd, a subsidiary of the Mizzi organisation. Parfoid stores can be found in Republic Street, Valletta; Arkadia Commercial Centre in Victoria; and is now open at The Point, Sliema.

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