Conduct unbecoming

Arrogance and bad manners, especially by staff members of a bar that also serves tourists, can only cause untold damage.

A waitress appeared at the table where I was sitting to remove empty bottles and used glasses but she refused to take orders for more drinks.

“You can go to the counter yourself and order your drinks,” she said arrogantly. As I was complaining to the owner, who happens to be a very nice person (that is why I am not mentioning the venueby name this time), the same arrogant waitress intervened and told me: “If you don’t like it, don’t come here. You can go elsewhere.”

As long as I have money to pay for what I order and since bars are open for business, I go wherever and whenever I want. In fact, I will go again and if I come across this arrogant person again and get the same treatment, I will write again and, this time, mention both the bar and the waitress by name. I will also report the matter to the Malta Tourism Authority.

One expects to be served in a correct and professional manner. This type of arrogance and lack of customer service cannot be tolerated.

This arrogant and misbehaving waitress should learn to respect customers. The bar owner should also rein her in. He is either the boss or some waiters are running the show.

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