‘School run’ problems

The article ‘Uprooting trees “a must to prevent congestion”’ (July 4) and the letter ‘School transport methods’ by Daniel Muscat (July 2) show how this nation’s total reliance on motor vehicles is choking the life out of the islands.

When we left England in 2009, my house in Matlock, Derbyshire was on a ‘school run’ route. Every morning, the road behind my house was gridlocked. This was caused, as is the case here, by the drivers’ indiscipline, that it’s-my-road-and-I have-right-of-way mentality.

The problem was incoming local government workers and outgoing ‘school run’ mums and, as happens at San Anton School, their need is more important than yours.

Let me suggest a solution. Coming from the Mosta-Ta’ Qali direction, there can be a drop off point as the road is wide enough on the bridge. The school would then provide shuttle buses or the children can walk; it’s not that far.

The benefits of the system is that parents do not have to sit in traffic getting annoyed, engines running polluting the air. They thus get to work stress-free, the youngsters get some exercise – when I was young we walked a mile to school with our mates (it is called bonding in modern parlance) – and the roads are clear for commuting.

Also, please leave trees alone and take some vehicles off the road.

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